web design solutions

Web design is the part where we design the look, feel and navigation style of your site. Well - that's the simple explanation!

A good web design process can broadly be broken down into five major concerns:

  • Content
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Apperance
  • Visibility

web design - content

Content is crucial to the success of the web design process. The substance and information in your web site should be targeted at your specific audience or market and differs in style from how you would present a paper based presentation.

sheeran IT services can offer you advice about writing the content for your website.

web design - usability

The usability of your web site can often dictate whether your visitors will stay longer than a few seconds! Your web site should have intuitive and reliable navigation and easy to use web pages.

web design - accessibility

Accessible web design opens up your web site to anyone using the internet regardless of any disabilities they may have. To be accessible, your web site must conform to set standards laid down by the WC3. sheeran IT services' creative web design process will ensure that your web site will pass the industry standards by using valid XHTML to build your site and CSS to design the layout.

web design - appearance

The appearance of your web site is determined by the textual presentation, graphics and layout. sheeran IT services will work with you to achieve an appealing and professionally themed site aimed at engaging your audience or customers.

web design - visibility

Good visibilty or SEO is crucial to the success of your web site and is achieved through a combination of the above together with other factors that we will discuss with you as part of the web design process.